Alex Lascelles


Welcome to my website!

I'm a UK-born astronomer-turned-neuroscientist based in Boston. On this site you can see the research and projects I've been
involved with, read more about me, and check out some of the music and art that I enjoy making!

I'm excited by research into how humans see, hear, remember, and interact with the beautifully complex world we find ourselves in.
I enjoy finding creative ways to represent data and communicate it clearly to people of all levels of understanding in an open and honest way.

I believe that by mixing science, technology, and the arts with diversity of thought/background, we stand the best chance to accelerate our
quality of life and tackle the big problems of our time such as global inequality, healthcare, and the climate crisis.

Previously, I was working for 5 years as a technical research assistant in Dr Aude Oliva's Computational Perception and Cognition Lab at MIT.
Before that, I did an MSc in Music and Neuroscience and an MPhys in Physics with Astronomy.

Always curious to learn new things, share ideas, and connect with people -- please don't hesistate to get in touch!

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