I come from a small countryside village in South-West England which sits in an area called the Jurrasic Coast. This part of the UK is known for its beautiful scenary, with rolling green hills and incredible beaches.

I studied MPhys Astrophysics with a Year Abroad at the University of Southampton. I got involved with many different clubs and ended up being the Secretary for the Piano Society, captaining the University Men's Badminton 2nd Team, and enjoyed being the Events Secretary for the Badminton Society, the largest society on campus. I got the chance to observe using professional telescopes in Tenerife, and completed two summer internships in the Supernovae Group. I spent my final year at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. There, I worked alongside Dr Cecilia Garraffo and Dr Jeremy Drake, simulating the environments surrounding binary star systems.

Whilst applying to PhD programs in the US, I started to audit a series of classes with topics ranging from astrobiology to sleep science to the neurobiology of perception and decision making. During those classes, I started getting really interested in neuroscience and decided to switch fields.

This led me to London, where I studied for one year at Goldsmiths College, enrolled in a course entitled MSc Music, Mind and Brain. It was a unique program combining music psychology with neuroscience, focusing on both the biological and cognitive aspects of musical behaviour.

This was a really fun year and it allowed me to get back into my music, whilst learning some very cool things about how sound affects our brain! I founded the Goldsmiths Jazz and Improv Society and got more interested in coding — attending hackathons and taking a class on machine learning.

My masters project was an EEG study investigating the neural correlates of a crossmodal correspondence between pitch and visual motion, supervised by Prof Joydeep Bhattacharya FRSA.

Currently, I'm working as a technical research assistant in Prof Aude Oliva's Computational Perception and Cognition Lab at MIT.


I've played piano for most of my life and enjoy funk, blues, jazz, and contemporary styles as well as anything improvised. In my spare time, I love to compose piano music, play badminton, draw, juggle, and travel. Whenever I'm in a city, I try to check out a jazz club that I haven't been to before. You can see some of my music and art here.


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